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Whether you’re a business, public sector organisation or charity, you want to keep costs down and improve your sustainability.

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Use more than 50 megalitres of water a year?

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As your not-for-profit water company, we want everyone to use less water. We put every single penny we make back into maintaining and improving our services to customers.

And you might be surprised how much money you can save, given that the average business in the UK is using 30% more water than necessary.

If you want to systematically reduce your water consumption, then you’ve come to the right place. We can help you to save money and increase efficiency via a range of tailored services, including:

Account Management

A dedicated account management team to ensure you get the right service and advice for your business.

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Data logging / Telemetry

An accurate and flexible way of recording and monitoring water usage, safeguarding premises, and helping to identify any wasteful water usage or leakage.

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Water efficiency survey

An audit of the domestic areas within a commercial premise (such as toilets and kitchens) to help identify savings and efficiencies by reducing the amount of water you use. 

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Process audits

An experienced engineer analyses water, waste and energy usage to identify clear savings and efficiencies within your site's production and operational process.

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Electronic Data Interchange

A way to eliminate paper from the billing process by enabling billing data to be sent directly from one computer system to another.

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Biosolids for agriculture

A cost effective and sustainable fertiliser, providing a valuable source of nutrients and organic matter for agricultural land.

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Remember, we also offer free advice on our Help and Advice portal.

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