Business Services

Your business is important to us.

What we can do to help your business.

We know that managing your water and wastewater effectively can improve your performance and reduce costs for your business. It can also improve your environment and sustainability performance.

At Welsh Water, we can help add value to your business through a range of tailored services including:

Account Management

A dedicated Account Management team to ensure you get the service and advice that's right for your business.

Process Audits

We can arrange for an industrial process engineer to look at water, waste and energy usage to identify clear savings and efficiencies within your site's production and operational process.


We can ensure customers are provided with an accurate and flexible way of recording and monitoring usage, safeguarding premises, and helping to identify any wasteful water usage or leakage.

Water Efficiency Survey

We can arrange to audit the domestic areas within a commercial premises to help identify savings and efficiencies by reducing the amount of water you use.

If you are a larger business customer using more than 5 mega litres of water per year, some of the services above may help you.

If you are a smaller business customer using less than 5 mega litres of water per year, we also have lots of useful advice that can help.

Please click here to see our water efficiency information.