Trade Effluent

If your business plans to discharge trade effluent into any public foul sewer within our supply area, you must get our permission before any discharges take place.

Discharging perishable products

During the current Covid-19 outbreak, we are committed to supporting our business customers. If you want to discharge any perishable product, you need to contact us before discharging it to our sewer network.

Any illegal discharge can not only have severe effects on the environment, but is also an illegal (criminal) act under the Water Industry Act 1991. We will enforce our regulatory duties when it comes to monitoring our network for illegal effluent that damages the environment, and this may include prosecution for environmental offences. If you have any queries relating to the disposal of products or other trade effluent please don’t hesitate to contact us at

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Trade Effluent Consents

If your business plans to discharge trade effluent into any public foul sewer within our supply area, you must get our permission before any discharges take place. This is a legal requirement under the Water Industry Act 1991.

What is trade effluent?

Trade effluent is any liquid waste (effluent) discharged into our sewers from a business or industrial process. This can be best described as anything other than domestic sewage (toilet, bath or sink waste) or uncontaminated surface water and roof drainage (rainwater).

The application process

If you would like to enquire about obtaining a trade effluent consent, please follow the link below to complete our online form.

After processing your enquiry, we will send you a document called a preliminary details form for you to complete and email (or post) to us, along with other supporting information.

Once we have received your preliminary details form, we will assess the acceptability of the discharge to the receiving sewer, pumping stations and sewage treatment works.

If the risk of accepting a discharge is acceptable, we will issue you with a formal notice or application. You must return this fully signed and dated, so that we can issue you with formal documentation that will allow you to discharge.

Consent to Discharge Trade Effluent will be issued for discharges of trade effluent.

Trade Effluent Contacts

For all trade effluent enquiries, if you would like to contact us directly for assistance please use e-mail -

Consent to Discharge Trade Effluent to a Public Sewer

Dwr Cymru Welsh Water offers trade effluent reception and treatment service to businesses where sufficient sewerage and wastewater treatment capacity are present. In the absence of capacity, discharges will be reviewed on a case by case basis.

The discharge of any trade effluent to the public sewer network requires the formal consent of Dwr Cymru Welsh Water. If it is proposed to make a trade effluent discharge it is the applicants responsibility to first obtain a discharge consent. Failure to do so is a criminal offence that could result in prosecution.

A consent can be requested by completing the trade effluent enquiry form. It is recommended that the guidance notes are carefully read before making a request to apply for a new trade effluent consent or to vary an existing consent.

Please note that the completion of the trade effluent enquiry form will not be deemed a formal notice under the Water Industry Act 1991 Sections 118 and 124. The information provided on the enquiry form will enable Dwr Cymru Welsh Water to progress with the next stage of the application process.

You can request consent by completing our trade effluent enquiry form.