Nuaire Case Study

Caerphilly-based Nuaire have been providing clean air for over 50 years with ventilation systems for residential, commercial, and industrial buildings.

Thomas Tudor, Maintenance Coordinator, Nuaire

My manager had a call from Welsh Water saying that they’d noticed our company’s water usage was up by around 50% over the last few months. They wanted to make us aware and queried whether there was any good reason for it or whether it was unexpected. Given our company was affected by the pandemic, and at the time we still didn’t have everything back up and running, we were really surprised.

They quickly sent an engineer out the very next day to see what was going on. They confirmed that there was no issue on Welsh Water’s side of the supply pipe, and that there seemed to be a problem on our side. On this site in particular, given it’s a Caerphilly distribution centre with less staff working there compared to other sites, there shouldn’t have been much water usage. There were really only a couple of toilet blocks there. When we checked, a couple of the cisterns were constantly running and we had some leaks on the tanks too. The reason we weren’t aware before Welsh Water’s call was because they weren’t being used, due to us not being completely back up and running after the pandemic.

The support we’ve had from Welsh Water has been top notch. They came out straight away and we’ve now managed to repair the leaks. We wouldn’t have noticed without being contacted. We’ve now saved a lot of money on our bills, which is always welcome but especially in the cost of living crisis with the costs of energy and our supply chain increasing too.