Electronic Data Interchange

We always want to work with businesses in a way that makes sense.

We provide a few different billing options, with the flexibility for you to choose which one works for your business. As well as paper billing and consolidated billing, we offer electronic data interchange (EDI) billing

EDI enables billing data to be sent directly from one computer system to another, eliminating paper, speeding up processing times and cutting costs associated with manual processing.

How would this benefit you?

  • It can speed up your processing time.
  • It can cut the cost and time associated with manual processing.
  • Instant access to accurate billing data
  • As paper is eliminated, it also improves your environmental credentials

What type of business would benefit?

  • In order to benefit from EDI, you must be a business customer with 10 or more sites within Welsh Water’s operating area of Wales and Herefordshire.
  • You also must be able to receive and process TRADACOMS 26 version 3 protocol.
  • This isn’t suitable for trade effluent accounts.

How to apply

If you’re interested in EDI, please complete the EDI application form below. Or if you have any questions please contact our Commercial Billing Team at:

Frequently Asked Questions

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EDI Terms and Conditions

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