Help and advice for caravan parks

We know caravan parks are central to the economy of our operational area. Water is also crucial for guests enjoying their holiday and every little adds up, meaning holiday parks often use a significant amount of water, especially in those warmer months.

With water often used throughout your individual caravans, shower blocks, launderettes, bars, restaurants, swimming pools and hot tubs, it can be hard to manage.

From our work with holiday homes, we know your two key challenges when it comes to managing your water consumption are leakage and guest behaviour. We’ve pulled together a bank of help and advice below to help you.

Nudging guest behaviour

With our range of water saving posters that you can download here, you can influence your guests to take shorter showers, report leaky loos, and use the small flush.

If your guests regularly flush items other than the 3 Ps – pee, poo and paper – down the toilet, then you can also find posters with information on preventing blockages and drainage damage here.

If you have a private waste system, it’s good practice to ensure they are permitted and working effectively. There is some handy information on the Natural Resources Wales website here, and you can also find information on Gov.UK website here.

Finding leaks

As with most caravan parks, you’ll likely have an extensive network of water pipes getting water to customers across your site, which makes you susceptible to leaks over time.

Your quieter periods when you’re closed are the perfect opportunity to scrutinise your water meter readings and identify any leaks. Read our how to guide here on how to test for a leak on your site.

If you suspect you have a leak but are struggling to locate it, then you can install isolation valves throughout your site to narrow down leaks into specific zones. This doesn’t cost as much as you might think and results in a great return on investment if it saves you time searching for a costly leak.

Wrapping up for winter

If your site is closed during the winter you may want to consider draining the water network for the period. There are a number of things to be aware of when re-introducing the water supply to your premises after a closure period. You can find out more advice on what to do when re-introducing your water supply by clicking this link here.

If only certain parts of the site are unused during the winter consider installing stop taps to these areas so the supplies can be isolated.

As you are likely to have outside taps or pipes you also need to ensure these are protected, wrap them with appropriate insulation or a lagging kit and inspect them regularly.

Disconnect any hosepipes to stop them becoming damaged.

Find out more about how to prepare your caravan park for winter here.

Taking advantage of data logging

If you have several sites or have difficulty accessing your water meter to read it regularly, it can be really tricky to manage your water consumption.

The answer could be data logging , also known as telemetry. Water monitoring equipment is connected to the water meter, and you can easily see live analysis of your usage online. You’ll be able to track your water use at a glance, enabling you to spot any potential problems such as leaks and deal with them quickly and efficiently.

Find out more about our paid-for data logging service here.

Water saving tips

Here are some generic water saving tips to help you reduce your water consumption across your site.