Testing for water leaks at your business

We want to do everything we can to encourage our customers to detect and repair leaks as quickly as possible. This helps us to reduce leakage and for you to potentially save large amounts of money.

As a business customer, you are responsible for all the water pipework located within the boundary of your site. This includes the pipe that supplies water into your premises. You are also responsible for the maintenance of all the internal pipework and will need to arrange for a plumber to fix any leaks that you may discover.

Unlike most internal leaks which tend to be relatively easy to spot, external leaks are mostly hidden underground and often go unnoticed for long periods of time, costing large amounts of money.

The signs of an underground leak include damp patches of ground, pooling water and lush areas of vegetation in dry spells.

Most internal leaks should be easier to spot such as dripping taps, but even some modern overflows discharge back into the pipework without being seen.