Understanding your water meter

Most commercial and industrial properties have a metered water supply.

The water meter is usually located by the boundary of the property, often near a road. If the site has more than one incoming water mains, each supply should be fitted with a meter. As a minimum, your mains supply meter(s) will allow you to monitor water consumption of the site on a routine basis (daily, weekly or monthly).

Metered companies are responsible for the water use recorded on their meter - including wastage and leaks. The diagram below shows a typical water meter. The white digits in the ‘blue box’ display cubic metres (m3) and those digits shown in red display 1/10th (100 litres) and 1/100th (10 litres) of a cubic metre.

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Meter Specifications

PDF, 435.8kB

Our Meter Specifications document includes full details relevant to your meter.

We know our business customers use a range of water meters and sometimes it can be hard to understand all the different symbols and information on their digital displays.

Depending on what type of meter you use, you can also find individual manuals for each model below.

We hope this helps, but if you have any questions around understanding your meter display then please get in touch.


Elster V200/V210 - Specification Sheet

2.5MB, PDF

Elster V200/V210 - Brochure

822.7kB, PDF

Elster V200/V210 Hybrid - Specification Sheet

137.5kB, PDF

Elster H4000 - Specification sheet

3.4MB, PDF

Elster H4000 - Brochure

184.3kB, PDF

Elster H5000 - Specification Sheet

3.1MB, PDF

Elster H5000 - Brochure

1.2MB, PDF

ABB Aquamaster4 - Specification Sheet

9.3MB, PDF

ABB Aquamaster4 - Installation Manual

425.7kB, PDF