Pipework Responsibility

As a business owner or employee, it can sometimes be hard to know exactly which pipework you are responsible for. This page details where our responsibility ends and where yours begins.

As the water and sewerage company for our operating area, it’s our responsibility to own and maintain the public water and public sewerage networks.

As the customer, you are responsible for maintaining your private water supply pipe, internal pipework and fittings, and private sewer.

What you’re responsible for when it comes to your water and sewerage connections is slightly different.

Water supply

When it comes to your water supply, the below diagram shows you the area you’re responsible for, which is all the pipework colour coded in orange. This is usually everything beyond the boundary of the street and footpath in which our water main is laid.

This means if there are any leaks or issues with the water pipe beyond that boundary, including where it may run through someone else’s land, it’s your responsibility to fix it. You are also responsible for any water passing through the meter; whether it’s used or lost through leakage.


When it comes to your sewer connection, it’s slightly different, as you can see in the below diagram. Pipes that only collect wastewater from your premises, and which lie inside your premises or within the boundary of your premises are your responsibility.

It’s important to note that councils are responsible for all blockages on properties they manage, highway drains and gulleys.

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