Open Water

Open Water - Changes for Large Business Customers

On 1st April 2017, a new commercial retail market was introduced to increase competition in the water industry.

More business customers can now choose their water and wastewater Retailer. The new market is different in England and Wales.

England – As of April 1st 2017 all business customers served by water companies based wholly or mainly in England, can switch Retailer for water and wastewater services.

Wales - In Wales things are different. The Welsh Government decided not to expand the market to all business customers who are served by water companies based wholly or mainly in Wales.

Only Welsh Water’s largest customer sites, those using more than 50 megalitres of water a year, can switch Retailer, and only for clean water services.

What this means for Welsh Water business customers

Welsh Water’s business customer sites using more than 50 megalitres of water per year can switch Retailer for clean water services. These are Welsh Water’s Open Water customers.

Retail services include account management, billing, call centre services and value added services such as leak detection and other water efficiency services.

  • Business customers who decide not to switch Retailer will continue to receive retail services, from Welsh Water’s Commercial Retail Team, which has been set up to deal with Open Water customers.
  • Business customers who switch Retailer will receive their retail services from the new Retailer and the new Retailer will be their dedicated point of contact.
  • Within the Commercial Retail Team, the Business Customer Team has been set up as a dedicated point of contact for all Open Water customers. They can be contacted at or on the number 0800 260 5051

Business customer sites that do not exceed this threshold cannot switch Retailer. Welsh Water will continue to provide retail services to these customers. If you are a Welsh Water business customer who doesn’t have a site that uses more than 50 megalitres of water a year, but you want further information about Open Water please contact the Business Services Team on 0800 260 5052 or

Your Water, your choice

For information about the new market, eligibility criteria and advice about switching please visit

If you are a Retailer looking to set up a contract with Welsh Water wholesale, please contact the Wholesale Service Centre on 0800 260 5053 or at

Contact Us 

If you are an Open Water Customer and you have any other questions, you can email the Business Customer Team at and they will be happy to help. Please contact Welsh Water on: 0800 260 5051

If you are not an Open Water customer, but you have questions, please contact Welsh Water on: 0800 052 0145