Customers Repatriated from Water Plus for Sewerage Charges

This page gives information for our non-household/business customers in Shropshire, Gloucestershire, Cheshire, Monmouthshire, the Wirral and Merseyside.

We’ve been in touch recently to tell you about changes to your billing arrangement, where Water Plus will soon or have already stopped billing your waste water (sewerage) charges on our behalf. If you’ve not yet heard from us yet, we’ll be in touch soon.

What does this mean?

Your water supply is provided by Severn Trent Water (ST) or United Utilities (UU) (billed through Water Plus), and your sewerage removed via the Dŵr Cymru sewer network. Moving forward instead of Water Plus charging for sewerage on our behalf, we will send you a separate bill for these charges, that you will pay directly to us.

When will this happen?

If you’ve not yet heard from us, we will be in touch shortly to confirm the correct dates. For most of our customers the following dates apply:

  • Meter billed customers: 1st May 2021
  • Fixed bill customer (no meter): 1st December 2020

Frequently Asked Questions

Why are Welsh Water starting to bill my sewerage charges?

In recent years Water Plus has billed your sewerage charges on Dŵr Cymru’s behalf. This arrangement is now coming to an end and we will soon start to bill you directly for your sewerage charges.

Water Plus will continue to bill your water charges.

Why am I only getting a letter off Welsh Water now (May/June/July) if you started billing me from May 1st 2021

We became responsible for billing your sewerage charges from May 1st but have had to wait for Water Plus to finalise your sewerage account before we could set you up on our system. Water Plus have recently informed us that your sewerage charges have now been finalised by them (backdated to April 30th 2021), which has enabled us to set your sewerage account up in our system, and send you a letter with your account details.

How will I know if these changes apply to me?

These changes will apply to our non-household or business customers that are based in the following areas:

  • Shropshire
  • Gloucestershire
  • Cheshire
  • Monmouthshire
  • the Wirral
  • Merseyside

Moving forward your Water Plus bill will no longer include your sewerage charges. Your water supply is provided by Severn Trent Water (ST) or United Utilities (UU) (billed through Water Plus), and your sewerage is discharged into the Dŵr Cymru sewer network.

If you’ve not yet heard from us, we will be in touch shortly to confirm the changes and dates of when the changes will take place.

Who are Dŵr Cymru Welsh Water?

We are a not-for-profit company that supplies safe, clean drinking water and provides a sewerage service to most of Wales, Herefordshire, parts of Deeside and Cheshire. To read more, click here.


Who are Water Plus?

Water Plus are the largest water and sewerage retailer in the UK. They were created as a joint venture between Severn Trent (ST) and United Utilities (UU) to bill their non-household and business Customers.

Water Plus have been billing your sewerage charges on behalf of Dŵr Cymru for the last few years.

How am I currently billed?

Water Plus are your water retailer and bill you for your water supply (provided by ST or UU). We’ve always provided your sewerage services even though you haven’t had a bill directly from us. In recent years, Water Plus have been billing you on our behalf for your sewerage charges.

What’s changing?

Dŵr Cymru will start billing you directly for your sewerage charges and services. There’ll be no change to your water bill as you’ll continue to receive this from Water Plus.

When will Dŵr Cymru start billing me for sewerage charges?

Customers without a meter - 1st December 2020. You’ll be sent a bill soon after.

Customers with a meter - 1st May 2021 although it might be a few months afterwards before you receive a letter off us.

I live in England - why will I have a bill from Dŵr Cymru?

Dŵr Cymru own the sewer network and treatment works in your area and provide your sewerage services. As well as providing the sewerage network and services to most of Wales, we also provide the network and services to the bordering counties in England.

Can I continue to have my sewerage charge included in my water bill with Water Plus?

No, our arrangement with Water Plus has come to an end.

Can I choose my sewerage supplier like I can with water?

Your sewerage services are not in the open market so you’re unable to choose a different supplier. Click here for more information on this.

What happens if I’ve already paid Water Plus in advance of 30 April 2021?

Water Plus will apply a credit to your future water charges.

What if I owe Water Plus money?

Any charges up to and including the date that Water Plus stop billing for sewerage charges will need to paid directly to them.

Dŵr Cymru will start billing you from the day we become responsible for billing the sewerage charges.

You can contact Water Plus on 0345 072 6072 or visit their website if you want to discuss this with them further.

How often will I be billed by Dŵr Cymru?

Customers with a meter – you’ll receive a bill monthly, quarterly or six-monthly, depending on how frequently you are currently billed by Water Plus. This may change in future, but we’ll let you know if it does.

Customers without a meter – your first bill from us will be sent during December 2020 for charges up to 31 March 2021. Your next bill will be sent in March 2021 for the financial year April 2021 to March 2022 (this will happen on an annual basis).

How can I pay Dŵr Cymru?

If you’ve received a letter with your unique customer reference number from Dŵr Cymru (the number will be on the top right of the letter), you can set up a Direct Debit by clicking here.

If you’ve only received a letter from Water Plus and don’t yet have your unique Dŵr Cymru account number, please return to this page once you’ve received a letter from us.

You can also pay your bill in full by BACS or debit/credit card. All our payment option details will be detailed on the back of your bill.

How can I contact Dŵr Cymru?

You can visit our website or call us on 0330 041 3393 – we’re always happy to help. Our contact details will also be listed on your bills for future reference.

For sewer blockage or network problems you can chat with one of our online Live Chat colleagues here or call us on 0800 085 3968.

How can I contact Water Plus?

You can contact Water Plus on 0345 072 6072 or visit their website.

Can I go paperless?

Yes. You can sign up for online bills by clicking here. Please note that you will need your 10 digit customer reference number to complete the process.

What happens if Dŵr Cymru have the wrong details for me?

If we’ve got any of your details wrong, please contact us so we can make any changes.

If you've got a Dŵr Cymru customer reference number, you can update us on your details by clicking here.

If you haven’t got a Dŵr Cymru customer reference number yet you can inform us by clicking here.

Will the sewerage charges be different to when Water Plus were billing me?

Your charges will be billed at the same rate that Water Plus were charging you.

Customers without a meter – your bill will be based on the standard sewerage charges for the property.

Customers with a meter – your bill will be based on how much water you use plus the standard service charge.

Will I still receive a bill from Water Plus?

Yes. You’ll still receive a bill from Water Plus for water charges. You’ll receive a separate bill for sewerage charges from Dŵr Cymru.

Can I still have consolidated bills like I was having off Water Plus?

Yes. Please contact us on 0330 041 3393.

Can I speak to Dŵr Cymru about my water charges?

Water Plus are your water retailer so we’re unable to answer questions about the water charges.

You can contact Water Plus on 0345 072 6072 or visit their website.

Will you read my meter?

Water Plus will continue to read your meter so that they can bill you correctly for your water usage. We’ll use these readings or estimate the usage for your sewerage charges if Water Plus are unable to read the meter at any time.

There may be times where our bill will show a different meter reading or estimate to that used by Water Plus.

Why would my Dŵr Cymru sewerage meter reading be different to my Water Plus water meter reading?

Dŵr Cymru don’t own the meter, and aren’t responsible for reading the meter, so it’s possible that your sewerage bill might be based on a different reading to the Water Plus water bill.

This could be due to us estimating your bill, receiving a meter reading at a different time or because you’ve provided a reading to us directly and not Water Plus.

Can I give a Meter reading to you?

Yes. You can give us a meter reading online.

I have received my first metered bill from you and the start reading is wrong or has been estimated, can I give you the correct reading to change my bill?

Yes, you can give us the correct meter reading by clicking here and we’ll make the correct changes. Further details on how to tell us will be on your bill.

I have received my first metered bill from you and the start reading and the latest reading are both wrong or have both been estimated.

You can submit the correct meter readings by clicking here and we’ll make the correct changes. Further details on how to tell us will be on the bill.

Will I be charged VAT?

We don’t charge VAT against sewerage charges.

Is a reduction given on sewerage charges for leakage?

Once a leak has been repaired we’ll give a leak allowance providing you have a water meter and as long as the leak was:

  • on an external water pipe belonging to ST or UU;
  • not caused by negligence;
  • and the wasted water didn’t enter our sewer network.

The allowance must be claimed within 6 months of the leak being repaired. We won’t give an allowance if we have already given one in the last two years for the same supply.

You can either contact us direct to ask for the reduction or ask Water Plus (or your new retailer if you have switched from Water Plus) to pass us the details that you provided to them when you claim your water allowance from them.

We have a code of practice for leakage for non-household & business customers here on our website.