Water meters

Most commercial and industrial properties have a metered water supply.

The water meter is usually located by the boundary of the property, often near a road. If the site has more than one incoming water mains, each supply should be fitted with a meter. As a minimum, your mains supply meter(s) will allow you to monitor water consumption of the site on a routine basis (daily, weekly or monthly).

Metered companies are responsible for the water use recorded on their meter - including wastage and leaks. The diagram below shows a typical water meter. The white digits in the ‘blue box’ display cubic metres (m3) and those digits shown in red display 1/10th (100 litres) and 1/100th (10 litres) of a cubic metre.

Meter application image

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a meter

To apply for a meter, you need to be the registered bill payer or a tenant that pays for water to a local Council or Housing Association.
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